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Meet Our Dentist

This is Dr. Bhaumik. I want to personally thank you for considering our pediatric dental office for your child’s dental health. My wife, Elisa, and I opened doors to Stonebrook Pediatric Dentistry summer of 2018 and I have been a dentist for a little over 10 years now. Since opening our doors, we have grown our family and now have our son, Arie, along for the journey as well.

I was first introduced to pediatric dentistry when I was 17, thanks to a pediatric dentist in my hometown, Katy, Texas. Growing up I loved martial arts and in high school I got the opportunity teach Karate classes. One of the parents who brought their children to my class happened to be a pediatric dentist. Long story short, he offered me a job as a pediatric dental assistant and most importantly I discovered a sense of purpose.

Growing up, I was shy and bullied most of my childhood and high school years. Being a first-generation immigrant is not easy. I am so grateful that I discovered my God given talent of being able to connect with children easily when I was 17 years old. I have fond memories of doing very difficult tasks as a young pediatric dental assistant and for the first time in my life getting a glimpse of what my future could be if I chose to pursue the long educational and career path to become a pediatric dentist.


The road to becoming a specialist health care provider is a competitive and challenging one. I am proud to say the sacrifices I have made are worth it all. I know in my heart that this what I was meant to do. My childhood experiences prepared me to become the confident, empathetic, patient and detail oriented pediatric dentist. I am obsessed with making sure the children, who we get the pleasure to treat, not only get exceptional dental care but are also getting an amazing experience by my team who genuinely enjoy children. My promise to you parents, is to not only oversee your child’s dental health but also point out other underlying health issues that I get to observe during a dental exam such as potential allergies, signs of poor sleep, growth and development concerns and identify pathology. I believe us pediatric dentists can provide so much more value to parents beyond diagnosing and preventing cavities. I would love for you to give us the opportunity to take care of your child.

I look forward to taking care of your family,

Abhishek Bhaumik, DDS, MS

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