IV Sedation Dental Treatment

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Why would a child require IV sedation to complete dental treatment?

Most dental procedures in children are completed using local anesthesia or nitrous oxide. However, very young, fearful children and children with severe dental anxiety require IV sedation. Depending upon your child’s health history, temperament, age and dental care needs, Dr. Bhaumik and Dr. John might recommend IV sedation to ensure your child’s dental treatment is completed safely without causing psychological trauma. Safety is always the number one priority in every aspect of your child’s care.

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What to expect

Prior to the Procedure

After IV sedation has been recommended by Dr. Bhaumik and Dr. John, the SPD front office team will help you coordinate scheduling for this procedure. A team member from Pediatric Dental Anesthesia Associates (PDAA) will call you to discuss your child’s medical history, give you pre-sedation information, and discuss the IV sedation procedure with you.

Dr. Plagenhoef will review your child’s medical history and may call you if more information is needed. Children with very complex medical conditions may need to have their dental procedures completed in the hospital and might not be a candidate for in-office IV sedation. We want to ensure IV sedation dental treatment at our office is safe and easy for our parents and children.


Dr. Plagenhoef

Dr. Bhaumik and Dr. John will first look at your child’s teeth and gums. While he assesses your child’s oral health, he will tell your child how great his or her teeth look and give his recommendations. At Stonebrook Pediatric Dentistry, we promise to make your child’s cleaning easy and anxiety free.

During the examination, Dr. Bhaumik and Dr. John will discuss his visual and x-ray findings. In the unfortunate event of a cavity, he will discuss your treatment options with you and your child. Together, you can decide which form of treatment will best suit your child’s needs. Whether your child needs a filling, crown, or a sports mouth guard, we will make the treatment process efficient and simple.

Stay up-to-date on your kid’s health by visiting frequently for oral examinations. We recommend exams and cleanings every 6 months. We promise to make your child’s visit with us as entertaining and relaxing as possible. Give us a call today to schedule your little one’s appointment.

Please check out the following PDAA website link for more information on what to expect during the procedure and after the IV sedation dental procedure:


Website link for Pediatric Dental Anesthesia Associates:

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