What To Expect The Day Of Your Tongue Tie/Lip Tie Release

Here are some general guidelines of what to expect for frenectomy appointment day:

  • Dr. Bhaumik and Dr. John/Office Team will review Wound Management and Physiotherapy Exercises with you.
  • Dr. Bhaumik and Dr. John will answer any questions or concerns regarding frenectomy with you.
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You are welcome to bring your baby back into the treatment room and lay your baby in the swaddle. At this point, you will get an opportunity to ask any last-minute questions and will be politely asked to step outside the treatment room. Dr. Bhaumik and Dr. John and 2-3 dental assistants will be performing the frenectomy procedure. Due to past experiences of parents fainting and how technique and time-sensitive this procedure is, we do not allow parents to be present for infant frenectomies. You are welcome to watch the procedure from outside the treatment room glass window, but most parents choose to wait outside in the patient lobby. 

Please note that the total working time under the laser is 5 minutes, but these 5 minutes are very emotional and stressful for the baby and parents. After the frenectomy, you will get the opportunity to breastfeed/bottle feed in privacy. Please keep in mind that not all mothers experience immediate improvement in latch/feeding.

You are welcome to join us and watch the entire procedure. Please be advised that for children/adults- topical gel anesthetic and local anesthetic (injection) are sometimes used depending on the thickness of the frenum (tissue). If you have dental anxiety, it is not a good idea to be present to witness this procedure.

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